Sunday, February 16, 2014

recent finds - art and photography on tumblr

This month I had a bit of a breakthrough in finding a very local printmaking studio that has all the facilities I need to kick-start my printing again. I had previous interned at one about 40 minutes away, which did not do etching, a process that I use to make my prints; but now I have found one that is about 15 minutes away and does! So I have been trying to get back into the mind-set of making work so have been spending more time on tumblr and finding images that I find interesting or relevant to what I want to start making.. I thought I would show you a few highlights from my tumblr since the new year.

Highlights include: finding out the Barbican has a freaking conservatory (two of my favourite things together), lusting after hazy summer days, paintings that remind me of the Turner exhibition I saw recently, aquatints and interesting paintings, as well as photographs of beautiful ancient buildings.

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