Friday, February 07, 2014

an edinburgh getaway - flora and fauna

The final day of our Edinburgh break was spent exploring the city - to the point of exhaustion! We squeezed in a lot. We managed to visit a couple of museums and art galleries, took a city bus tour and a tour of some underground houses that was pretty cool, as well as lunch and seeing a few monuments.. My absolute highlight was the National Museum of Scotland which had a great collection. I have an amazing weakness for taxidermy and tend to hunt them out in whatever city I visit. They also had an old Columbian printing press on display in the main hall (the second photo) which was one of the kind of presses that I used at university. It was quite weird to see this on its own, and I really appreciated how beautiful they are as machines - the print room at uni was quite crowded so you couldn't appreciate the eagle and everything.. 
And speaking of birds, I made friends with this lovely crow whilst we were on the bus tour!

I know these posts have been rather spread out but I wanted to get most of these photos up on my blog without bombarding you all with them!

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