Sunday, January 05, 2014

the cowl to end all cowls

I posted these photos on Instagram and got a few nice responses, so thought I would show you guys: this is the first thing I knitted when I started knitting again, back in 2010. I originally knit it as a scarf, but it was a bit of a weird length; whilst being long enough to wrap around three times, it left these weird ends hanging down, and I never really wore it that much, except when it was super-cold. So I recently sewed the ends together to make it into a giant, super cosy, super comfy cowl or snood. I can't be quite sure what wool it was (it's been a while) but I have a feeling it was Rowan Big Wool. I just knit a knit one/purl one rib all the way up, which because it is a super chunky wool, you can only see the knits and looks like a double sided stockinette. But yeah, I'm quite pleased that I now get a lot of use from it, due to reworking it slightly!

(Fun tangent: here is a picture of me knitting this in a knitting club at university. I say club, there was only one or two meetings and I spent most of it teaching other people how to knit haha.)

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