Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the bigger fish

There is not much substance to this post except to say - look how beautiful my fish are getting? They're growing so fast and they all have their distinct personalities now, I am so, so, so attached. I have to say to anyone who is thinking about goldfish; as long as you're willing to spend a lot of money on a proper tank and a fancy ass filter: get them. They're so beautiful to watch and really calming, too (well, my mum says watching them when they're about to be fed tires her out cause they're so dappy and manic). 
I feel like a proud mother. 


  1. These are gorgeous fish! I've always wanted a breakfast bar tank - need to own a house first really!
    JS xx


    1. http://januarysublime.co.uk - sorry, we recently changed! x

    2. i'm probably biased but i think they're gorgeous! just remember to get a tank the right size for them, but they're so pretty! thanks for commenting x


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