Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas eve wishes

After having a very relaxing Christmas Eve of getting my hair done and having a good dinner of homemade salmon-en-croute (yum yum yum) I am painting my nails all festive and watching the christmas episode of Made in Chelsea and just feeling quite cosy and such. I just thought I'd post some pictures of the kind of Christmasses that I aspire to have: a mixture between something homemade and vintagey and bright, and something natural and yule inspired and still homemade. All the pictures and the relevant credits and such can be found on my Pinterest if you're interested! I probably won't be around much tomorrow - except maybe on twitter - so I hope you have a lovely Christmas and have a wonderful day, whatever you're upto! I'm off to Church shortly for midnight mass, so I should probably get ready..

 merry christmas everyone 

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