Thursday, November 21, 2013

my innocent big knit contribution!

So I'm sure you're all aware of the teeny knitted hats that are littering supermarket shelves at the moment are part of Innocent Smoothies' Big Knit campaign, which donate 25p of the sales of their drinks to Age UK. I really wanted to get involved with it this year (even if I did leave it a bit late) because of a bit of family scare we had last year.. 
Two nights before Christmas, we received a call saying that my Grandmother had fallen down the stairs (she's almost 90!) and had broken her wrist and hit her head. After the initial shock of it all, we had a horrible few months where she was in and out of hospitals, catching infections and organising carers and the trouble of finding a safe home for her (which turned out to be not nice at all). It made me realise that even though I see my little Grandma as this very stubborn, strong willed person, she was very frail and if she didn't have such a good family.. well, I don't like to think about that. That said, I wanted to get involved because there are a lot of old people who suffer alone, particular in the winter when they can't get out as much because of the weather, or suffer because of the fuel prices being so high at the moment, can't afford to put their heating on.
I posted a few snaps of these on my Instagram whilst I was doing them and got great responses, and I got to see quite a lot that people had made, too. Mine weren't the most complicated, purely because I only started the fortnight before the deadline, so wanted to make as many as I could in that time, but there are some amazing ones out there! I picked up one yesterday that looked like a bunch of grapes..But if you see any of mine in the shops, let me know - and show me any links to ones that you made! And if you can't knit, go and buy a smoothie, because you're still helping. (:

(PS: Two of these were made by my brothers girlfriend, and one my mother, so I can't take all the credit! Most, but not all.)

Note: This post isn't sponsored or anything, even though it sounds a bit like it is, I just think it was a good thing for people to get involved with, and I'm glad I did it.)

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