Saturday, October 26, 2013

secret gardens

I don't know if you know - but The Secret Garden is my all-time, hands down, favourite film. I was given the book as a child, which I love, but then I was given a video tape of the 1993 film when I was five or six.. I watched the tape until it wore out. A few years back my mum found the DVD on Amazon for a couple of pounds and it has been my go-to favourite film ever since. It is one of those films I will never tire of, it is stunning in its cinematography and score and it never fails to make me feel better. At this time of year, when everything is starting to turn and I feel the brunt of my depression creeping back in, I think it makes me feel better to think about, as cheesy as that sounds. So here, have some screengrabs from it, because I find it so pretty.

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