Monday, October 28, 2013

halloween watch: ~*~ WITCHES ~*~

I'm not one for halloween, really. I don't dress up, I don't got to parties, I don't use it as an excuse to get crazy drunk: I know, I'm so cool. One thing I do really love though, is good (or bad) scary films and TV shows. So leading up to Halloween I'm going to show you some of your favourite scary of Halloween-themed movies and ask you to share with me your favourite! First up: witches.

Practical Magic 
I don't know where I start - the beautiful house, the children, the dreamy nature of it - everything everything I love rolled into one witchy film. There is a lot of humour in it, but at the same time isn't a comedy - the highlight are the aunts. 

The Craft 
Teenage girls with witchy powers - set in a private school world in the 90's in California - chaos ensues.. One of my favourite films, ever! I love the whole witchy-vibe that was in the 90's, and this film perfectly epitomises it. 

The Wickerman (1973 version!) 
Whilst not necessarily witches, there is something witchy about the matriarchal Summerisle, and I like the quality of the film that reminds me of Picnic at Hanging Rock, or something similar. It's creepy and hilarious in equal measures, and I sort of what to live there. 

Charmed & Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the halloween specials for Sabrina in particular) 
I grew up on these two TV shows, which probably explains a lot about me, but they're so similar so I thought I would merge them. Like The Craft, but less dark and less violent, mostly, Charmed and Sabrina are staples in my life, cheesy to the nth degree, hilarious and full of some awesome outfits: if you haven't watched either, youtube it! 

American Horror Story: Coven 
I've tried the other series of AHS, and neither of them have captured my attention like Coven has - something about the teenage witches in New Orleans makes me want to keep watching, they make a cool group and I love it so far. 

Honourable mention: The Witches of Eastwick. Sarandon! Cher! Pfieffer! Jack Nicholson! It's campy and bad but oh so good. And Cher!

This is the first in a series, so keep an eye out for the others, and please leave a comment to let me know whether you have any others to add to my list!

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