Tuesday, October 08, 2013

black rose bargains

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen a snap of these - but I wanted to introduce you to my beautiful new coffee set..! A complete bargain at £30 for six coffee cups and saucers, the beautiful coffee-pot and a little milk jug and a sugar bowl to go with it.
At work on Sunday, I was stuck in traffic outside a particular charity shop (not telling where, it's a secret!) and I glanced up and saw this in the window - coming back past it later in the shift I took a second look and realised that I wanted it - so I went back the day after and bought it. They're in perfect condition, ie, never been used before. The pattern is Royal Albert Masquerade - my mum has a Royal Albert tea set (that Country Roses one that was very popular) and I like knowing we both have a set.. I don't know, they're going to be put away in a cabinet for a bit until I have somewhere to display them. 
I'm super excited to use them, I want to have people over for tea or coffee now to use them! Have you picked up any bargains like mine of late? I also got myself a beautiful new camel trench coat but I'll save that for another time.. 

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