Tuesday, October 15, 2013

best animal books ever

I've had a slew of good, accidental, finds in charity shops recently - particularly in unexpected shops. I came across these beautiful French animal books. They're a mixture between a children's story and animal facts, but they have the most beautiful images - they're reproduced from lithographs (a method of printing), which makes for really lovely textures and use of line, they look like they're been freshly coloured in. They're the kind of books I would want to give to my child (if I didn't despise kids!), and they remind me of a books by Pat Hutchins that I adored as a kid (Silver Christmas Tree, Rosie's Walk), and my childhood in general. Unfortunately they're a bit ruined in places by some stupid kids scribbles - which makes me a bit sad, and they're a bit ruined down the spines which I hope to repair.. All in all though, they're gorgeous little books and looking through them alone makes me ridiculously happy. There are a few more pictures below so take a look!

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