Friday, October 04, 2013

autumn mornings


It is one of those just autumn days today that reminds me of everything, and nothing quite specific at the same time. As I lay in bed trying to will myself to get up this morning, I peeked through the curtains to look at the sky - a wide expanse of grey greeted me. A band of yellowish light on the horizon, and the slightest touch of white where the clouds were thinnest. Opening my window the noise of the magpie greets me and then the air hits my face. It is that fresh, coolness that reminds me of the first chilly walk to school or a warm wind on a cool day. The air smells damp with the promise of rain and there is just enough wind to move the leaves that have gathered in small heaps around our front door. Whilst there is nothing specific that reminds me of anything, there is just something that tells me that autumn has officially started, that winter is rolling in on us at pace, that I need to find thick sweaters and warm clothes. Maybe I am feeling prophetic this morning - or maybe I am just more awake than I usually am at 7.30AM - but it feels like something is changing, that there will be good news, shortly.

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  1. Beautiful post! Autumn is my favourite and I'm looking forward to Winter too <3

    Jennie xo |


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