Monday, September 09, 2013

of dogs and blogs

The longer readers may have noticed a real shift in content recently on my blog... and I have to say that I am really enjoying this new lease of life for Uncia and Tigris. Specifically, less make-up, beauty, fashion, etc, and a shift towards more outdoorsy photos, recipes and home things, as well as knitting. For a while, I kept trying to blog about makeup and stuff, because that is what my blog has always been about, but realised that my heart just wasn't in it anymore. In my last few months of uni I took a break from blogging, and it really helped me realise that I want to blog, and blog about things that I'm really interested in - not whatever is fashionable or current in the makeup world, etc.. I know this might not be what a lot of people are interested in, but I know it's what will keep me happiest in the long run! 
So I don't want to alienate any old readers, I'm sure I'll still update you on fancy new nail-varnish and lipstick from now and then, but theres going to be a bit more variety in my blog..

Just had a little note to say about knitting posts - it is something that I really love and have been shy of sharing with people, for thinking it was uncool or something.. a little while ago I started telling more people about it and have only had good things in response. So if you think it's bad or lame or something, this definitely isn't the place for you! Because lets face it, if you DONT' like something that enables you to make cute little jumpers for adorable dogs then.. well you don't have a heart, haha. 


  1. Theres nothing wrong in expanding your posts on your blog! Variety is always interesting! I love those doggy jumpers btw.. I've found a few on Etsy that I'm thinking for getting my little jack russels this winter :)

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  2. Variety is the spice of life! I'm glad to know you're enjoying blogging again, I noticed you were gone a while so it's nice to see some more posts from you too :)


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