Saturday, September 21, 2013

glowing blue

This is such a prized possession of mine, I just had to show you this old knit. I bought this particular yarn from a knitting fair my mum took me to early this year, and I was in love. The hall was full of beautiful yarn, the kind that is super hard to find around here. There wasn't a ball of pastel yellow or fluroescent green acrylic in sight, but hanging skeins of, what I called, 'glowing' wool. They are silk yarns that are dyed beautiful colours. After uhming and aahing for most of the day, I limited myself to just the one skein, and that was this beautiful sapphire blue from Fibres Exotica. It was quite expensive, so I just got the one skein.. which left me with a dilemma - what could I make from one ball?! 
Anyway, to cut a long story short, I wanted to knit a crochet lacy hat, and eventually made this beauty - which I'm absolutely in love with. It's not the warmest of hats, obviously, more designed for fashion than warmth!
The pattern was the Summer 'Combination' Hat on Ravelry, and it was my first proper foray into crochet - one that wasn't the easiest of tasks when we had to convert US crochet terms to English and vice versa.. my mum helped me a lot, haha. 

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