Sunday, September 22, 2013

bills bills bills

Alternate post title; jobs, jobs, jobs.. The two go both in hand, though, don't they? My point is, when did applying for jobs become so lengthy?! I'm more than happy to fill out application forms, and I get a weird satisfaction out of my CV looking just so, but some of these forms are getting ridiculous. 

This gets me thinking that I am ~out of touch~ with society, because the last time I applied for jobs this thoroughly was when I was sixteen and got my first part-time job at Waitrose (which I'm still in now, a long and painful seven years later). I distinctly remember going around my local shopping centre and my town, picking up a handful of paper forms and diligently filling out my name and address and the odd GCSE and sticking them in the post. But gone are the days of paper application forms, and everything is digital. Still, I remember the excitement of thinking I was so grown up for looking for a job.. now I feel like a child because I'm still in my Saturday job whilst everyone rushes past me on their own career ladder. 

Anyway, fingers crossed that one or two of them get back to me, eh? Cause I've applied for two different dream jobs that I'm just perfect for (arrogant!) and I'll cry myself to death if I don't get an interview (melodramatic).

Is anyone else stuck in this post-graduation, pre-life limbo? Does it ever end? Will you hold my hand and sit with me through these long, painful evening and weekend shifts?!

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