Thursday, September 19, 2013

barbican dreams

These photos seem like such a long time ago now, but I can still remember how bitterly cold it was when me and my friend Tam visited the Barbican for the first time earlier this year. Would you believe we went in March and it was that cold?! I remember walking from St. Pauls with her, where we'd had lunch at Pizza Express, to the Barbican art gallery in the sleet and the bitter wind and both of us being freezing.
I found these photos whilst looking for something else and it reminded me how much I loved the place. I've got a real thing for brutalist architecture of the 60's, like the Hayward gallery on the Southbank, and I really loved the little glimpses of greenery with the concrete - it all reminds me very much of my favourite novels, where nature starts to take over the the cities... I'm sure there is something in Drowned World to do with the Barbican centre, but I can't remember. 
These little gardens out into the water are just perfect, and the palm trees with the circular windows and such are just completely my thing.. it's such a shame I'd need upwards for £500k to live there... One day though, eh? 

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