Sunday, September 01, 2013

all roads lead to the beach

So I am here in Devon, and it feels like I am home. It is weird how that happens, isn't it? My parents used to drag us here every year when I was little, and I always felt like I was missing out because my parents never took us anywhere 'exciting' like Disneyland Florida or Majorca... it makes me laugh now to think like that! I love this corner of the world, it feels so perfect and like nothing has changed. The small little high-street of the main town and the walk down the lane to the beach are exactly the same: and the sea.. Coming round the corner on the slightly terrifying coastal road and seeing the water stretch out in front to the island.. It's bittersweet, in that I am not a happy little carefree child anymore, content to make sandcastles - and so much has changed since then.. but it's still the same lovely place and I am so happy to be here. I wish my older brother could be here too, but unfortunately he couldn't make it. I am tucked up in bed writing this, but wondering what I can get up to tomorrow..

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  1. Those are some awesome shots. I wish I spent more time in England as a child; my dad's family is British-Chinese and we have family in Cornwall, Liverpool and around the greater London area. I'm sorry that your brother can't be here with you :( still, hope you're having an amazing time!


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