Wednesday, August 21, 2013

very merry berry picking - take two

It's that time of year again.. blackberry picking! I don't really know why I enjoy it so much, but there is something weirdly enjoyable about getting attacked by brambles, ripping holes in my leggings in my quest to get the best berries, and getting bruised looking fingertips.. Last year I went with my mum, and I'm sure we'll go again later in the year, but I was feeling restless yesterday afternoon and needed something to occupy myself. It was super quiet today up the airfield and I just felt very content. I came back with a boxful of blackberries, a handful of crabapples, and a bunch of cow parsley to decorate my room with.. A good day, all in all.

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  1. Beautiful photos, I can't wait to go blackberry picking, apparently it's going to be really good this year.


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