Monday, July 08, 2013

the crystal world

I'm currently getting back into reading again - though since wading through heavy art theory books in my final year at university, I have found I am much slower than I used to be? - and I am enjoying it thoroughly. One of my favourite authors is J.G Ballard, I know he isn't everyones cup of tea but I have been devouring everything I can for the past two years. 
The novel I'm currently reading is The Crystal World. I think it's quite typically Ballardian in nature, about the way nature has a way of turning on people. In it, a doctor visits the African jungle, where the trees and the jungle are slowly starting to crystallise. I found the whole thing very interesting, and its exactly my kind of thing - it has amazing visuals and Ballard of course has such a way of describing the beauty and horror of the crystallising process, which led me to wondering whether anyone had made any illustrations of the novel or a movie of it, as it seems to me like it would make a really good film..
Anyway, I came across these screencaps of a film that seems really bizarre, The Monolith Monsters that came out in 1957, I think it's about alien rocks taking over the world or something, but it marries quite well with my idea of the book in my head. I just thought they were really weird, and wanted to share with you guys! 

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