Wednesday, May 29, 2013

back with a vengeance

[Amy, myself and Kiki]

So it's really here - I have finally finished university... it feels very weird to write this or say it, but I'm actually no longer in education? I have only been finished a week or so, and still have some bits and bobs to organise, but my graduation is booked and my gown is ordered.. it does feel very strange. 
This picture shows me and my two greatest friends at uni, or ever, probably, Amy and Kiki (I hope they don't mind me showing this here, but apart from a few others, they're really all that I want to remember from uni!), and they made the whole thing bearable and fun.
Since Christmas, I had a lot of issues at uni and it's been like pulling teeth to get through to this moment, so I didn't think I would miss it in the slightest.. However I found this picture and had a bit of a weepy moment thinking about not seeing these two girls every day. I realised though that it's not the place I'll miss, but the people, and I have no doubt that we'll stay in touch.

However, it's only going to get better from here - fingers crossed! I want to get back into blogging in a big way, and sort of ~expand~ my blog a lot more. I want to start doing some more videos again, as well as talking and blogging about other things I'm interested in, making it more of a generic blog, and less about makeup and beauty. I'm sure I'll still post about these things too, I just don't care about them as much anymore!  People change, but I think I've only worn makeup twice and as many weeks, so I'm probably losing a lot of beauty-blogger brownie points.

Have any of you recently finished uni or college, how are you coping? It's a really weird place to be in - a sort of middle ground between teenager-hood and being a genuine adult with a job and things. Having been in education since I was born, I'm giving myself a couple of weeks to recuperate, particularly from this hellish year, and then I need to get my bum into gear applying for jobs and things... Later, though. Today I am sat in comfy clothes and eating pitta bread on the sofa watching foreign films. (: 

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