Monday, January 21, 2013

snowy daze

I know everyone must be sick of snow-photos.. but this my blog and I loved them. Went for a little walk in the woods near my house, it was so quiet and peaceful (except for the occasional dog) and it started snowing whilst I was out.. I went and sheltered under a big tree where no-one was near and it was so calming. I have been writing my dissertation about the power of wandering, journeying and pilgrimages, amongst other things, and in writing it, I kind of forgot WHY I found it so interesting in the first place. So after finishing my first draft on Saturday (9971/10000!) I slammed my laptop lid shut, shoved on  my new boots and went for a tramp around in the snow. It was everything I needed, at the time, though my heels are a little sore from the new boots, haha..
Below the jump are a load of other photos, which I pray you look at, cause some I am quite proud of! 


  1. The first photograph is definitely my favourite. I couldn't resist writing a snow post either so your not the only one :)

  2. I love these photos, looks so pretty where you live! I didn't head out into the snow, I was too afraid I'd fall over xx


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