Sunday, September 23, 2012

weekend wanderings #11

(images from, and

  • This amazing 'fish-tail braid' manicure from just looks so pretty! It's definitely helpful to have that step-by-step tutorial and it would look really cute in varying shades of the same colour, like a matte, glossy and glitter - I really want to try it. 
  • I was feeling a little bit delicate and sad this week, and I saw this post and whilst I'm not saying I cried, I definitely got a bit teary-eyed. The story is about a dog that has stayed at his owners graveside for six years and there are pictures and oh gosh. 
  • I follow a lot of architecture/interior-design blogs (and even run one!) and sometimes I see a house and I stop everything and it makes me want to go live in the wilderness in a giant glass box and become one with nature.. ahem. But basically, this house makes me want to do this, it's stunning. The post talks about "rooms that follow the landscape" and that is completely what I am into, I adore it. Houses that are built and orientated around the world are my favourites, and I think thats how housing should be.
  • These photos of teddy girls over at The Clothes Horse are really amazing. They remind me my mums amazing photo albums of my gran and her sisters in their outfits from this age, even though they were older, I really think they're amazing.
  • I've posted before about DIY glass votives, but this post at Wit & Whistle (a lovely blog!) tells you how to make little soy-wax candles in vintage tins, which are absolutely gorgeous. I think it's mostly down to the beautiful little tins more than anything, but my mum uses a similar method to make candles in tea-cups and it's really cute.
  • My current love is - Minna's photography is stunning, and I love the simple elegance to her posts, everything is clean lines and pretty photos, I really love it. She also sells beautiful jewellery over on Etsy which I want to own (all of it), and it's everything I wish my blog was! #cheese

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