Saturday, September 15, 2012

weekend wanderings #10

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  • I find things like this pretty cool, for example, I adored the old Olympic posters they dug out for the 2012 Olympics, I found some on birthday/greetings cards in Harrods and I really liked them. Anyway, 100 Ideas that changed Graphic Design have some awesome vintage posters and design things that I think you guys will like.
  • I start back at uni next week. Well, sort of. Classes don't start for a bit but basically I'm back! I saw these beautiful gold foil notebooks somewhere around the internet (I can't remember where, I'm sorry!) but I immediately fell in love with them. I couldn't get them though, I tend to destroy all my notebooks by spilling ink on them or letting that banana at the bottom of my back rot all over it...
  • Whilst I don't find this particularly useful, I thought this would be a great thing for fashion bloggers - if you don't want to have a boring white wall behind you - this blog at Pugly Pixel shows you how to replace it with a pretty pattern.
  • These lipbalms in a shell were featured over on Pixiwoo's blog and oh gosh, I really just want one. I know a friend or two that would love them too, so I'm thinking it might be a sneaky Christmas present for all of us! They're a little pricey for lipbalm, because of the shell I guess, hence them being a present I think.
  • Is it winter yet? God, I hope so. Here's a list of 50 Things to do before Winter Ends that I saw linked over at Rachel Phipps' blog, and I love it! I've even started a few of them..
  • My favourite blog this week is a both a blogger and a youtuber: ChelseaWears. I discovered her Youtube first but her blog is just as good as her videos! She has a really awesome sense of humour and personality and I like that she doesn't seem to take make-up too seriously, because lets face it, it's not! I also adore her sense of style, it's what I wish I looked like.. sigh. See here, here, and here. She also loves bright lipsticks, which makes her cool in my book.

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