Tuesday, September 11, 2012

packing woes

I'm not doing one of those 'what you'll need at uni' posts because well.. I would have a list as long as me - and I'm a tall girl. I'm also not one of those people that jets off on three holidays every summer, and then once or twice every term, and have only been abroad three times in my life, so I can't pack. 
Because I live very close to my uni (about a half hour drive, if that) I made the mistake last year of going "Well, I can just drive home and get anything I've forgotten." Cue me going home every weekend for at least 2 months to bring things I forgot! Not to mention get more jumpers, scarves and hats when it got cold. So I'm trying to be more efficient this year! But that involves me just taking everything
So far I have a suitcase full of clothes, and I haven't even put underwear in yet, except for the odd bra. A huge Ikea bag just for jumpers.. I can't even justify this in my head, let alone on paper. Anyway, I thought you might like to hear some of what I'm taking, so clothing wise, here's a run down of things:
  • At least 7 jumpers. The studios can get cold!
  • Lots of underwear, I hate washing it!
  • One going-out dress - I so very rarely go out so it's not necessary to take more.
  • Lots of leggings and tights, one pair of thick leggings, one pair of trousers, one pair of jeans.
  • 4 pairs of boots, including two old scabby ones for when I'm printing/in the studio, one nice pair, one everyday pair.
  • 3 pairs of hand-knitted (by myself and mama) of big woolly socks for around the house and inside boots.
  • In the way of cardigans/jackets, I'm taking 2 black cardigans, 1 thick flannel shirt and 1 shirt each of cotton, linen and corduroy.
  • 3 skirts, one red knit, one white knit, and one pleated grey one.
  • A few simple, plain coloured skater dresses, vest dresses and basic tops from H&M for everyday wear/wearing with skirts. Also those £2 Primark vests are great for layering on hot or cold days.
Phew. It sounds like a lot but I really hate washing, and there isn't a great deal of space to air-dry clothes in our house, and we don't have a tumble-dryer. Also, I'm indecisive. 
Other things I'm taking (this is obviously tailored for an art-student, bear that in mind):
  • A couple of new sketchbooks.
  • A big back of ~art materials~ including a red box filled entirely with pencils. Not even colour pencils, sigh.
  • Clothes-peg thing, the only way to dry socks and underwear in my house.
  • Candles, even though we're not technically allowed to have them.
  • A few books (I need to not let myself get drawn into ASOIAF until my dissertation is handed in!).
  • Lots of DVD's for relaxing and gorging myself on, also we don't have a TV.
  • 3 big ringbinders - I'm sure I will need them..
  • A couple of new mugs, you can never have too many!
  • A hot-water bottle.
There are probably more things but this post is so long already so I'll stop here. Are you returning to uni this year, or just starting out? There are lots of more informative posts out there on the useful things, like pots and pans and plasters and fancy-dress.. I'm not so helpful. (: 
Anyway, I have a dentist appointment this morning and then I'm dragging all of this back to my house at uni, sigh, so I better go!


  1. I live at home and commute to uni, so I can't imagine trying to pack my life into a couple of bags to take away! Good luck with moving back!

    1. I did this for the first year of my uni life, and i got so tired driving backwards and forwards every day! now i get an extra two hours in bed and i live with great people! but yeah it's kind of crazy stuffing everything into a few bags, god knows what will happen when I have to move out and take all this crap back home with me, as well including pots, pans, bedding, blankets, and a few bits of furniture..! xx

  2. AH this is my life! I'm trying to justify so much stuff because I 'get cold easily and need layers' or just all my stuff. No idea how I'm going to transport it all! I swear I've got more now I'm not in halls. Also an art student and the amount of crap i need to take! AND my sewing machine, fabrics, sewing box and countless other things! Wish I lived closer so I could make two trips ;) xx

  3. You have packed so little! haha I seem to always manage to take most of my room! ha. Last year I had nearly 2 cars full ;) Soph xx


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