Saturday, September 01, 2012

illusion delusion

I wanted to do a weekend wanderings post today, but I am afraid I am simply too exhausted and I work all day tomorrow, so there won't be one today! Apologies. I went for a little day trip and I'm just really sleepy now, so look out for a bumper edition next week! I really enjoy the weekend posts, and I think they will become more frequent as uni starts up again. I don't think I'll be able to keep up a steady rate of posts once third-year is upon me!

Anyway these pictures have been sitting on my desktop for a while, and I thought I would show you them as a little ~filler~ post when I'm too tired to take photos!  I bought this on a whim a little while ago, and it was genuinely a complete luxury purchase, and at the time I really needed that little treat. I kept picking this up and looking at it as I passed through John Lewis and it was so shiny and so beautiful.. I just had too! It's one of the Chanel Illusion d'Ombre cream eyeshadows, in the shade  Mirafique. I have some high-quality photos which I'll post next week or something, but I wore it out last night, with bright orange-red lipstick (so pretty), and I remembered that I hadn't posted about it. 

What are you up to this weekend? I'm currently watching the X Factor, even though I hate it, the remote control is allllll the way on the opposite side of the room. That is a good three metres and I'm exhausted! Haha. Hope you're all having a nice evening!


  1. Ooh it looks lovely - I'm not very good at eye make up though, more of a lipstick girl really.

    1. I used to be ALL about the eyes and never gave lips a look in, thennn I discovered red lips and eyes were forgotten! haha so now I'm a lot more subdued with eyes, and do more smokey eyes than anything else! Glad you liked the post (: xx

  2. I love these Chanel eyeshadows. I have one in Emerveille which I LOVE! x


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