Wednesday, September 19, 2012

fake outfit v2

Another cheating-ootd, I couldn't be bothered to set my camera up all properly, as I was running late, so I just snapped a few pictures in my mirror! My brother recently passed his exams and got into uni (Cardiff, to do Maths!) so we went out for dinner as a sort of celebratory thing, also because my older brother wouldn't be able to see him before he went off to uni, due to work and such. 
I wasn't originally planning on getting anything special to wear, figuring I would just dig something out of my wardrobe, but I went shopping that day with my friend Gemma, and saw this dress. I was drawn to the print, immediately - I love a good print, especially anything geometric. And you can't see them (because I stupidly threw a cardigan on) but it has adorable little puffy cap-sleeves, which are really sweet. The elasticated waist is not my favourite, I'll admit, but it does sort of suck me in!
Also, because I'll probably get asked, my lipstick is Dior's Dolce Vita Red (which may be overtaking Russian Red as my favourite mid-tone red.. I have a serious problem, I'm willing to admit that).


  1. I love this dress! The lipstick is gorgeous too. I've never tried a Dior lipstick even though I keep meaning to.


  2. Such a beautiful dress! I love love love that chevron print! <3

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  3. So gorgeous! I love your dress & that lipstick shades suits you so well <3 xo


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