Saturday, August 25, 2012

weekend wanderings #8

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  • Six-year-old judging books by their covers. Does exactly what it says on the tin, but it's amazing!  I also really like looking at the different covers. 
  • One of my favourite bloggers, Rachel Phipps, posted a couple of weeks ago about making these great Innocent Smoothie ice-lollies. I used to love experimenting with ice-lolly moulds when I was little, I'm so tempted to dig mine out and give them ago. I feel like the Americans have some amazing 'popsicle' recipes out there (like these watermelon mojito ones over at Roost) that are just begging me to try them out!
  • I've posted a lot of things from the blog (because I adore it!) but she posts houses and interiors that are my style, right down the plant-pots and cushions. I adore her taste and her eye for detail as well, I don't know where she finds the beautiful images, but each of them make me want to scream. I adore succulents in teeny plantpots, giant windows, sixties dressers, huge pot plants, amazing prints on the walls.. ugh, can I have my own house already?!
  • Getting over it is something I need to start grappling with. I am fed up of not feeling confident in my abilities! There is a similar article to overcoming self-doubt at Uncluttered White Spaces.
  • Some more interior-decorating for you, but how about a sweet window-art DIY for your consideration? This looks amazing, and all you need is a chalk marker! I have a huge window at uni, I'm definitely going to give this a go.. 
  • Amanda over at has such an adorable blog, I can't believe it's taken me this long to post about her! She has amazing posts about clothes and crafts, and lots of tutorials for DIY's. My favourite's though are her Movie Monday posts, where she shares synopses of vintage movies accompanied with beautiful screen-shots. Really perfect for Monday's! 


  1. I love the six year old judging books on their covers! So adorable! It reminds me of this series:


    1. Oh god that link is amazing! Haha i love it xx

  2. Those Ice lollies look so good! I will have to try that! xx

    1. Don't they? I really want to make them but I can't find any moulds! xx

  3. Those ice lollies look great! And I love cacti! That picture is great!

    Abi x

    1. Cacti & succulents are so adorable, and so easy to take care of! They need very little watering, which is great for forgetful people like me.. haha, thanks for reading! xx


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