Sunday, August 19, 2012

weekend wanderings #7

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  • I know the Olympics are over, but I'm still obsessed with them..I found these floating around the internet. One has those amazing pictures that Usain Bolt took after he won his race when he nicked a photographers camera (scroll through the pictures, sorry it's in Swedish or something!) The other is comprised of my love for 30 Rock and the athletes; how hurdler Lolo Jones is an Olympic version of Liz Lemon.
  • Ombre hair might be over, but the trend is still going strong within clothes. I saw this the other day on tumblr and traced it back to a blog that I read! I think the ombre-drawers are such a great way to brighten up a cheaper set of drawers and add a bit of subtle colour. 
  • I posted in an old weekend wanderings about decorating jars with images, but how about making cute hanging lanterns? I think if I was planning a special evening outdoors, these would be so beautiful. I'm not fond of the little beads or the lettering but it's a good DIY that shows you how to make the hanging loop.
  • Someone tweeted this this week (I can't remember who, I'm sorry!) but it gave me a good laugh - How to Name Your Fashion Blog. I think I have a pretty weird and unique blog name, but you do see some reoccuring themes, is all I'm sayin'.. 
  • I have seen lots of things about juicers, fruit diets and juice detoxes recently and I'm really intrigued by them! Laura at Belles Boutique did a post about her juicer (I've been contemplating getting a blender for a while but a juice seems more practical!) and then I saw this post over at Door Sixteen about a juice detox and I don't really know if they're that sensible, health-wise, but I really love the idea of doing one. 
  • Cheating a tad with my blog of the week and it's a tumblr, called Humanae, but I think it's really cool - they have matched peoples skin-tones to pantone colour swatches. It seems to go on forever and it's weird how similar some are. 


  1. Those photos by Usain Bolt are crazy! I love the one of all the photographers and crowd taking photos of him. It looks so bizarre with all those lenses pointing in the same direction!


  2. These drawers are fab! I love the ombre trend, but know it won't suit me.. maybe i'll just get on with my furniture instead! And I'm also totally going to be doing the jars with tea lights in. They look perfect!x

    1. I loved the ombre trend, but it absolutely murdered my hair, it's still not recovered and I've had it dyed over for at least 6-8 months now but it's still very dry! I know when I'm back at uni I'm going to horde old jars (my mum always throws them out) and give it a go. Thanks for reading! x


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