Friday, August 17, 2012

seat, dresser, trinket

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know why I've been rather absent from my blog this week - I have been doing the week-from-overtime-hell (official title). I've been getting up at 6/7AM every day this week and I am beyond exhausted now. I had an early start today and then came home  and had a little (well-deserved) nap. I have tomorrow off and then I am back in on Sunday. At least the weather has brightened up for me! It's supposed to get up into the thirties here tomorrow and I'm quite grateful, I want to lounge around in the sun, my body is craving ittt (I'll factor it up though, don't you worry!).
After work (and my nap) I popped into town and had lunch at an awesome little Italian deli/cafe nearby which I adore - it also sells all my favourite kind of fruit drinks from Italy - and then wandered around the charity shops and found an amazing 70's telephone seat going for only £10! They said they would try and save it for me for tomorrow but it's so cool, I think it will look awesome in the hallway at our uni-house where our phone is currently on the floor and we have to sit there to have a conversation! My mum said everyone used to have them in the 70's but I've never seen one. It looks a bit like this, but more solid, and the seat is a bit different. When I've bought it and got it in the house, I will take pictures for you.
But these pictures above, are, as you can probably tell, of my new dresser. I got it from Ikea (because I need cheap furniture!) and I got the mirror there too, and the blue cloth, and the little plant. I kind of threw everything together when I got home but I really liked how it looks. I've had this little gold enamel bowl for a while and I use it to store my jewellery in at night so I don't lose it, and I also have my most-reached for perfumes. Generally, I really love it and feel all ~grown up~ with a proper dresser! I really want to get a vintage glass trinket box to keep some earrings in and then I'll be completely happy with it.


  1. oh wow, i can only imagine how exhausting that is! i hope you get some rest tomorrow! :D

    p.s. i love your new dresser! it's so beautiful!

    <3, Mimi
    Win 3 kinds of truffles from The Madelaine Chocolate Company! :)

  2. I too love secondhand and Ikea when it comes to decorating! There's nothing wrong with nice and cheap stuff :) I hope you get that telephone seat! :)



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