Thursday, August 02, 2012

insect dilemmas

With the hot weather we had last week, I faced a huge dilemma. Do I leave my lights on and windows open, and face the onslaught of moths? Or do I shut the windows and slowly melt and suffocate to death? 
Well, if you too suffer such dilemmas, fear not! I ended up just lighting loads of little tea-lights all over my room, particularly along my windowsill, and the strong scented ones really kept the moths and other insects at bay! These little lovelies are from Ikea and you can buy them in big packets, and they smell amazing. I'm not really sure of the scent, it has like papayas and passionfruit on the image but they just sort of smell fruity. I snapped these pictures with instagram, but I thought they were kind of pretty.

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  1. Great photo, I've been meaning to use candles just for the sake of it lighting up my room with a beautiful scent. I wish we had the hot weather you're talking about here in Australia.


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