Saturday, July 21, 2012

weekend wanderings #3

(image from, and
  • I have my own mini-terrariums in my room, but these ones from Score and Solder are just simply insane, I adore them. The shapes are ridiculous, I simply must have one of the cube planters before I die. Or.. I might die. 
  • I am trying to get through some dissertation books but I just really want to read Game of Thrones.. sigh. These Real Housewives of Game of Thrones gifs' have me cracking up, they're just hilarious.
  • My little fishy Ned is not so little anymore, I'm going to have to release him to a pond one of these days, but at least it won't be to one of the worlds largest aquariums.. I would kill to visit one of these!
  • These bracelets by Thread are not only beautiful and stylish, but the money goes to a good cause and helps kids. 
  • Sweet tea and lemonade are two of my favourite things.. I wish it was sunny enough over here to make Sun Tea, because these Arnold Palmer's look beautifulll.
  • I'm really enjoyed The Clothes Horse at the moment, the pictures on her blog are absolutely beautiful. I just want to have her wardrobe and live somewhere sunny! haha

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