Sunday, July 08, 2012

weekend wanderings #1

(images are from, and, they are not my own)

I like the idea of doing a weekly feature of things I've been perusing, and I want this blog to be less... well, less shallow. I love makeup and I love clothes, but they're only so interesting, you know? I feel like if I don't change up my blog a bit, I'll get bored with it! So this marks the start of Weekend Wanderings! It might be a weekly thing, but more likely it'll be fortnightly (particularly when uni starts up again!), and I'll post a few links to interesting things around the internet, or other blogs I'm enjoying - let's get started..

  • Cabin Porn; Whilst the address itself may put people off, Cabin Porn has become one of my favourite ever tumblr's. I entertain an elusive dream of dropping everything, and living in a cabin in the woods and ignoring all responsibilities and living off the land and drawing for the rest of my life. With this blog, I can do that.. in my head.
  • Rust Wedding Rings; I wear two very special rings on my ring finger, and I've often said that an amazingly special ring would have to replace them.. and whilst I'm not getting engaged, and I don't even have a boyfriend, I find myself lusting after these rings. They're absolutely, ridiculously stunning. I want them all. Now, to find a fiance..
  • Sirima Sataman's Studio; Working from home this summer makes me realise how much I miss the print workship at uni. I posted about this on my tumblr this week, and god, it looks amazing. Sataman's prints are stunning, too, but ugh, that workspace is to die for.
  • Wolf cubs at; I don't really need to say anything else about this one, but I highly recommend following zooborns' twitter, it just gives me little doses of adorable happiness at various points throughout the day - sometimes you really need that!
  • Fight Club Chocolate; Just how cool are these? Fight Club is one of my all time favourite movies, and so is the novel, and I really want to make these.. I need to get me one of those soap moulds!
  • Gillian over at Elevator Musik is my favourite blog this week - I love all her posts, and I think she has amazing style, and I love her twitter, too. 


  1. Thanks for the wee mention! I am loving this Zooborns site, baby animals just make everything better. Currently trying to persuade my flatmate to come on a trip to the Highland Wildlife Park with me to see those baby wolves haha!

    1. Thats okay, I really love your blog! sorry for the late reply, you should definitely go see those wolves! so adorable xx

  2. Great post!! very informative.
    Thank you very much for such a lovely and informative post.

  3. Haha, can't believe that a site like Cabin Porn exists... going to go follow them right away.

    1. they are amazing! haha i love the website, I can spend hours on it xx


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