Tuesday, July 31, 2012

sunny lake days

I had a busy week last week and did a few things here and there, so expect a couple of upcoming posts, and on Thursday last week I went to Virginia Water with my housemate, Alex. It is probably one of my absolute favourite places to go when the sun comes out and when the winter comes, it's perfect year-round. There is a huge lake with small sections of sand and places where you can paddle, a mini-waterfall/cascade, a totem pole, lots of cute dogs, and my favourite of all things, the Roman ruins! They are actual ruins from Leptis Magna that were taken from there back in 1818 and now are what is commonly known as a folly - hint, folly's are some of my favourite things in this world! There's something awesome about fake Roman-temples in Wiltshire countryside and I love it. 
Anyway, we got some frozen-yoghurt, mini-Calippos, grapes and juice and went and sunned ourselves by the water. It's really relaxing there usually, but it was crazy busy when we got there, but  gradually people left and it was getting quieter the later it got. It's part of The Royal Landscape/Windsor Great Park, and the whole area is so lovely. There is a more planted garden, as well as the rest of the Great Park, so it's whatever takes your fancy! 
I threw in a quick snap of my clothes too, but they were completely inappropriate for the weather - I very much underestimated the heat!


  1. Gorgeous photographs!I always underestimate the heat too. Or do the total opposite and wear hardly nothing then it pours down haha. Great post x

    1. Haha yes! This is so me! I'm awful at predicting the weather. Like it looks sort of sunny in the autumn so I go out wearing summery clothes and then freeze to death! haha thanks for reading (: xx


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