Saturday, July 07, 2012

silent pool's & witches caves, oh my

I wanted to show you some photos of my day out this week - we found some really amazing places and I took a few pictures that I took. The first place doesn't look that remarkable in my pictures, I'll be honest! It's called the Silent Pool and it's on the edge of the North Downs near Guildford. It's a strange thing, but the water is completely clear, because the water comes from a natural springs nearby. You can see right down to the bottom of the pool, and see all the plants on the bottom. In the pictures you can see that it just sort of looks like there is dirt and grass, covered in a bit of water - more like a puddle than a pond, there is only a bit of algae on top in certain places, and because of the natural spring water,  it looks sort of blueish-green. It's all very awesome, if you're ever in the area, I suggest you go and check it out! There is a car-park nearby, and it's a very short walk (about 5 minutes, if that) from there. Unfortunately, it was bit wet, but we're going to go back when it gets a bit sunnier and maybe have a dip in the pool, because it's so clear!
The second place was a lot more tricky to find, it's called Mother Ludlam's Cave near Farnham. We ended up going down several dead ends, but its near Moor Park house in Farnham, and it looks like a private house, but there is a little public trail down the side of it. There's limited parking, and the actual cave is about a mile along this path following the River Wey, but along the way there are several of these little WW2 pilboxes, one of which we were too scared to go into because it was very dark and cramped, but the other was much larger and you could stand up and walk around in. The cave itself is much bigger than I was expecting, but it's all gated up so you can't go in, which I found quite disappointing. Apparently there are bats in there too, but I couldn't see any sleeping ones.
So that was our day out! I wanted to go and see Waverley Abbey too, but it was getting late, we were quite tired and it was rather rainy so we called it a day and went and got dinner instead, but it was very lovely! It's weird, I take living in a small countryside uni-town for granted a bit, forgetting that there is a lot of interesting history here, but oh well! Have you been anywhere interesting recently?  

PS - The last picture is my favourite because theres a gate hidden under all that foliage, and it reminded me of the Secret Garden, which is one of my favourite films!


  1. Wow, these photos are amazing! Looks like you've had a wonderful adventure! :)

    xo Dawn

    1. it was so lovely! thanks for taking the time to read (: x


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