Sunday, July 22, 2012

instawhaaaaat - part two

movie decisions, getting my comic book fix / lazy days in bed / sunny evenings and mornings, but it rains all day! 
lovely bit of christian bale / watermelon breakfast / pretty sunsets (so instagrammy)
the summer show at the RA / rare bit of sunshine / seeing the amazing spiderman! so good
made some good pasta and sauce / and some good bread / mirror photos before a day out
rainy uni / bored at work, in my uniform / eating coconut and lime ice-cream

It really hasn't been that sunny here, I think the second it is sunny I run outside and bask in it like a cat or something, but these pictures make it look quite lovely. It's not. There's a lot of rain. A lot. Sigh, one day, I hope, it will stop.


  1. lovely, lovely instagram photos! :)

    p.s. coconut and lime ice cream sounds delicious!

    <3, Mimi

    1. it is so good! get your hands on it if you can! thanks for reading (: x


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