Wednesday, July 18, 2012

instawhaaaaat - part one

nails so orange they don't photograph at all! / showing off my new sunnies / ray-ban love
new bag / finally painting out the 6 year old stripes on my wall! / birthday cocktails 
birthday books and chocolate / a strawberry from a plant in my garden / trying on pretty Mint Velvet dresses
sleeping on the floor with no furniture, waiting for a carpet! / the last hot day we had?! / there a few things better than jam and toast
new bed sheets! / cloudy lemonade / hanging plates on the wall, such an old lady!

I know everyone and their mother loves a good Instagram post - I think it's cause we're nosy bunch on these here blogs. I've been instagramming (is that a verb yet? You'd think it would be) an awful lot of late - the name is unciaandtigris, like my twitter! - and I like having a little snapshot of my June & July on hand. This is a bit of a crazy one, so I'll post half today and half in a couple of days!

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