Tuesday, July 24, 2012

if you say the word then i'll say goodbye

I'm currently in the process of re-decorating & organising my room - it's going quite well actually! My room had previously been the same since I was fifteen, so obviously my tastes have changed slightly, and I was getting quite sick of the way it was laid out, too. It's not that much different now, my bed is on the other side and I have a lovely new carpet and curtains, as well as a beautiful pale green wall behind my bed. Anyway, I though I would show you a few snapshots of how it's coming along.

- Vintage-y plates I've bought at various antique/charity shops, and affixed to the wall. I feel like this is quite an old lady-ish thing to do, but I really love them! 
- A fraction of my collection of old postcards & photographs - I wanted to display them in a ay that wasn't just pinning them to the wall, and whilst the clip-frames aren't fantastic, they suit me well enough.
- A little note that I keep pinned to my desk, that my friend left me in the studio one day when I was sad, as well as a fortune cookie me and my housemates had - some of the other ones are sellotaped to our kitchen cupboards at uni..
- My beloved bedsheets. I splashed out on a rather expensive organic cotton bedset from John Lewis, but it's ridiculously soft and luxurious and I do love it. It's a strange colour but it goes so well in the room. It's somewhere between beige and pale green and ivory, and it's beautiful. It's hard to take a good picture of my bed, but it's the Hemnes day-bed from Ikea, pulled out to make a double. Again, not ideal, but comfy!
- The opposite side of my room, which I find tricky keeping tidy! The wicker baskets are really great for storing things I don't really want on show, and were really cheap online. I have another bookcase to the  right of this picture, where all my books are stored, as well as a cupboard and a bookcase for DVD's, but they're not really that exciting. Where the stool is on the far right, I really want to get a little chest of a low set of drawers to keep things like towels and jumpers in, and I want to get a nice mirror to go above it, but I haven't found quite the right ones yet, so I will keep looking.

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