Monday, July 30, 2012

convent covent

sunning ourselves in covent garden
obligatory amazing ice-cream!
chanel black-cabs with a twist

On Tuesday last week I had the pleasure of meeting my lovely friend Tam in London. She doesn't really live close to me (although closer than when she lived in America!) so we try and meet up every so often so we can catch up and gossip. Soon she will be moving to London and I am so excited to be able to see her more often! We planned on seeing The Dark Knight together because we both have a long-running love of superhero films and comic books and all such lovely things. Before we saw it though, we met up in Covent Garden in the sweltering heat and had lunch, ice-cream and a wander around, even seeing the awesome Chanel pink taxis outside the pop-up shop! I didn't go in because there was a queue, and I knew I would just spend money there.. We saw the film which was pretty awesome, and regardless of its flaws, I fell in lust with Christian Bale all over again. There is just something about him in a suit..?! He's even attractive in American Psycho.. maybe that's just me! We headed back to Covent Garden after the film to get dinner, and we had really awesome burgers and beer at a place called Byron Burgers, which were surprisingly reasonably priced for London! And then I got a sleepy train home and slept very well. It was just a really nice day, and I had been feeling down for a couple of days and it just made me feel so much better. Maybe it was seeing a good friend, a good film, or just remembering that there is life outside my little town, but it was a good day!

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