Saturday, June 30, 2012

bobbi brown bronzer review

I have been wanted a nice matte bronzing powder for a while now - I had been using an old MAC Sculpt and Shape Duo (Bone Beige/Emphasise) for years but it cracked and shattered and I eventually just chucked it. I had been making do with a Nars blush but I felt it was about time to replace it. I had a good browse around John Lewis and eventually came to these. I don't really stop that often at the Bobbi Brown counter. Like MAC, I feel they have good, staple items (I really love their gel eyeliners) but they are quite pricey and they don't always have the luxurious feel of a Chanel or YSL product, as much as I love them.
Or at least thats what I used to think because I do really love this! The powder itself is amazingly soft and finely milled, it's very velvety and feels very rich, so I am a huge fan. It's the perfect shade for me, too - I'm quite pale in the summer but I go quite olive-y with a tan, so this is the perfect inbetween. With a light hand it just adds enough colour to give me a slightly glow, and then I can build it when (if!) I get a tan. So I am a huge fan. I really love the giant mirror, too, which means I can chuck it in my makeup back and not need to take an extra mirror.
Price: 4/5 (I got this for just under £20, using my discount!)
Packaging: 4/5
Product: 5/5
Overall: 4/5
Would I buy this again?: Yes!
Have you tried these? Or do you have another favourite bronzer of the moment? Let me know!


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  2. I've never really got into Bobbi Brown, for Bronzers I prefer Benefit or Illamasqua! Great post x

    1. I've only recently got into them! Thanks for taking the time to read (: x

  3. great review!
    you have such a lovely blog!



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