Thursday, June 28, 2012

american apparel sheer polishes

I was bumming around on Tumblr yesterday, as you do, and these were on the Radar and caught my eye because, well, look at these pictures! Those nails are insaneee. Apparently they're the new line of American Apparel's sheer nail polishes, which I have not heard much about? The one that really takes my fancy is the yellow-green-blue nail, because that just looks amazing! I am so tempted by these, but they are quite steep at £9 each, which is the same as the regular AA polishes, which makes me a bit sad, because they obviously don't have the pigmentation of a regular polish, so I thought they might be a bit cheaper - or is that just my logic? The other thing that bothers me is that these are the pictures from the AA website, so you'd think they might be really slick and well done - and the application is a bit dodgy? Like look at that orange-purple nail in the middle, it looks a little crappy. So I wonder if that is just a bad promo image or they apply badly. Either way, I am sort of desperate to try these out! I'm off to London today so I might pop in and have a look at them.  
What do you think - would you give these a go?


  1. I dont understand how these work but they look amazing anyway!
    If they weren't do expensive or you could guarantee they'd come out looking ike this I'd definitely try them! The colours are fab!

    Laura x

    1. I think they're just a really thin polish that can be layered? If they weren't so expensive I would be all over them! haha xx


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