Saturday, May 19, 2012

treat yo self..take two

In my last post I said I needed to find something to do that didn't involve spending money.. well I haven't found that out yet. Me and my housemate Alex went into Guildford the day of hand-in and had a Nando's lunch and a good browse of Waterstones and Muji and Lush.. it was a very lovely day. 
The Muji Cleansing Oil is me attempting to duplicate my Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil that I have just run out of and I am addicted too.. I will update you guys with a review when I've had a chance to test it out fully! 
The volcanic looking rock is one of Lush's body butters, called something silly like Snap the Whip, but it was only £5.50 and smells amazinggg! I do love Lush, but I hate that they don't last like other products. I'll do a full/detailed review if you'd like but it's pretty crappy if you want to use it in the shower, because it nearly all melts away the second you get it wet, and rubbing it into dry skin really hurts, I find, because it is so exfoliating! Ah well, you win some, you lose some. 
And finally, I treated myself to a book! I am a massive book nerd but during term-time I find that it's not really acceptable to indulge my fantasy whims (ahem, the ASOIAF series..) so during the summer I go a bit mad for books - I bought two more at a charity shop today! - and this once caught my eye because it sounds really interesting. You can read a review on Amazon or Waterstones but there's also been a 7-hour experimental film made of this, which I might try and find in my universities library later in the year.
Anyway, have you splurged on anything recently? Please make me feel better about my awful spending habits!


  1. super awesome! love this :)


    1. thanks for taking the time to read and comment! x


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