Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the sun coming out, i know something good is going to happen

my garden / strawberries and cream pavlova 
my friends dog / puppy in the ford / the river
watching the dog try and eat a fish / my friend kiki 
the ford / cleaning the dog!

Ohhhh my lord, this weather has been beyond glorious! I'm sure there are hundred posts like this in the blogging world currently, so I'll keep mine short and sweet! I have managed to get a lovely touch of sunburn on my shoulders today, from walking my friends dog, Monty!, around the river and ford near where we live. He even managed to catch a fish! And then promptly rolled in its guts.. haha. I have no time for outfits or makeup at the moment, it's been too too hot, and I've been working like a mad thing.
I hope you're making the most of this sunshine whilst it lasts! (:

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