Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 I've found and bought a few gems recently, and I thought I would show you because they have become regular additions to my appearance..
1. I found these earrings in a charity shop with my friend Debbie the other day. They only cost me a £1! They're enamel and metal and costume jewellery, but I find that vintage costume jewellery doesn't really make me go green? 
2. I've wanted one of these crystal bullet necklaces for such a long time, and I finally found one from an English seller on Etsy - there are some much prettier colour ones - but I like quartz and this one was called 'Clare', which swayed me somewhat..! It's from the seller Rain by Rina and I do suggest you check her out - I will say that the chains aren't great - I wore it once and it went completely green, so I changed it for some cord I had at home.
3. I think this is the final ring I will add to my collection for a bit - I now where six of them on a regular basis and it just seems a bit overkill to wear many more! I found this one in a local charity shop, and I do have a soft spot for amethyst. I think it cost me about a £1, but it's hallmarked and I think that's a bargain!
4. I don't wear many bracelets, but I spotted this for 50p in a charity shop, and I thought it was really unusual, I've not seen anything like it. It reminds me of that whole fake-Celtic kind of jewellery I used to love getting on holiday, and I really like wearing it. I'm not sure what it's made from, but it's not turning me green, so that's always good!

I love my charity shop finds, I so rarely buy high-street jewellery these days, it doesn't come close in terms of quality or price! I highly recommend scouring flea markets, car boots, charity shops and the internet for nice jewellery. 


  1. Gorgeous pieces,especially the earrings! You can find some right beauties in charity shops:)

    1. I know, I definitely scour the charity shops and the pieces I get most complimented on are nearly always second hand! x

  2. these are some great jeweleries!
    love the little studs in first photo!

    1. Yeah they're great for like, inbetween activities where you want to look like you've made a bit of effort but not too dressy! x


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