Saturday, April 21, 2012

friday nights, saturday mornings

Hello lovelies, how are you this fine Saturday morning? I am lounging around in my bedroom, which gets gorgeously sunny in the mornings. After a week of torrential downpours and hail, I am so grateful for a little bit of sunshine! The picture above was taken last night, me and my housemate decided to pop into town for a drink, something we rarely do, and it felt quite lovely to get a bit ~dressed up~ (for me this involves putting on new tights and bright lipstick!) and have a drink. Now in the cold light of day, I feel like I should be doing work!


  1. That lipstick really suits so.. so envy.. I don't know why I never look good in a bright red lipstick 0__o

    1. Aw, I didn't ever think I'd wear it when I was younger, being that I'm quite pale - I think you just need to find the right kind of red to suit your skintone! x


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