Saturday, April 21, 2012

friday nights, saturday mornings

Hello lovelies, how are you this fine Saturday morning? I am lounging around in my bedroom, which gets gorgeously sunny in the mornings. After a week of torrential downpours and hail, I am so grateful for a little bit of sunshine! The picture above was taken last night, me and my housemate decided to pop into town for a drink, something we rarely do, and it felt quite lovely to get a bit ~dressed up~ (for me this involves putting on new tights and bright lipstick!) and have a drink. Now in the cold light of day, I feel like I should be doing work!

Friday, April 13, 2012

find a cure for my life, put a price on my soul

Just a speedy post from me today, I'm having a good, well deserved day off, I had a bit of a manic one yesterday! In the morning me and my friends went to visit a gallery space, I had a quick lunch to celebrate my brother passing his driving test (well done Jon!) and then went to my university library to do some work and didn't get home until late. It was quite an exhausting day! I'm off to visit my grandma tonight in Stoke-on-Trent with my dad, but I'm going to have a lazy day today, spend it bed, etc. 
So a bit of a cop-out post I'm afraid! I had my first proper American Apparel experience the other day in Brighton - and it resulted in me wanting to shell out £52 for a chiffon skirt.. I did get something slightly more bargainous - two of their nail varnishes that were on sale for £3.50! I think they weren't very popular colours, but I really like them. I had wanted to try them out for a while and I thought this would be a good chance to do so..
And I really love them, so much! They have the perfect bottle size and shape I've ever seen, and the perfect formula. The two I have are almost perfect in one coat, but I did two just to make sure! I literally don't have a bad word to say about it! I think the colour is quite similar to that OCC Wasabi, but less bright, and I really like it. 

Price: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Colour: 4/5
Formula: 5/5
Overall: 5/5
Would I buy it again: Yes!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 I've found and bought a few gems recently, and I thought I would show you because they have become regular additions to my appearance..
1. I found these earrings in a charity shop with my friend Debbie the other day. They only cost me a £1! They're enamel and metal and costume jewellery, but I find that vintage costume jewellery doesn't really make me go green? 
2. I've wanted one of these crystal bullet necklaces for such a long time, and I finally found one from an English seller on Etsy - there are some much prettier colour ones - but I like quartz and this one was called 'Clare', which swayed me somewhat..! It's from the seller Rain by Rina and I do suggest you check her out - I will say that the chains aren't great - I wore it once and it went completely green, so I changed it for some cord I had at home.
3. I think this is the final ring I will add to my collection for a bit - I now where six of them on a regular basis and it just seems a bit overkill to wear many more! I found this one in a local charity shop, and I do have a soft spot for amethyst. I think it cost me about a £1, but it's hallmarked and I think that's a bargain!
4. I don't wear many bracelets, but I spotted this for 50p in a charity shop, and I thought it was really unusual, I've not seen anything like it. It reminds me of that whole fake-Celtic kind of jewellery I used to love getting on holiday, and I really like wearing it. I'm not sure what it's made from, but it's not turning me green, so that's always good!

I love my charity shop finds, I so rarely buy high-street jewellery these days, it doesn't come close in terms of quality or price! I highly recommend scouring flea markets, car boots, charity shops and the internet for nice jewellery. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

something special

Me and my housemate Alex had a really lovely day out in Brighton today, he's from the area so he knows Brighton really well and ahh.. it's just a really lovely town! We walked along the pier and it was so sunny, and we had a good look around all shops up and down the Lanes, as well as uhm-ing and aah-ing over things in American Apparel.. we had some really good food, and I bought myself a big treat, but I am very happy with it..! I will show you later in the week if I can get a good picture! If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me tweeting about it..
Anyway, I sort of threw together this outfit in a rush, but it felt quite summery and I liked that.

White vest, Primark
White linen shirt, Marks and Spencers
Nude and black stripy skirt, H&M
Black leggings, H&M

I'm off to London tomorrow to see Tam for lunch, I might squeeze in the David Shrigley/Jeremy Deller exhibition at the Hayward if I have time in the morning! Then in the evening, me and Rachel are having an evening in, which I am in need of!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

dior, dolce vita red - review

For my 5-year-anniversary at my work, I got given £20 worth of gift vouchers.. and I decided that a new lipstick was exactly what I needed! I've been looking for a sort of orange-toned red for a while, and I thought I'd have a wander around Reading looking for one. I thought the answer would lie at MAC, Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent, but it actually was hidden at Christian Dior! I've only ever bought foundation from Christian Dior, when this lovely caught my eye. However, I didn't know the packaging would be quite so.. odd;
I don't even know what this looks like, haha. The top round thing and the blue lifts off and it's just a circular base with the lipstick inside. It's really strange, haha. It's also very shiny and gold, which is nice. My mum thought that it looked like something that Cleopatra might have had, haha. 
Like I said, I had the gift vouchers but they usually cost around the £25 mark, depending on where you buy them. 
Anyway, the colour and formula are really lovely! It's a creamy matte-ish colour that doesn't dry out much, like MAC's mattes. It's also got a pretty good sticking power, only fading a little bit in the middle of my lips, so I generally rate it pretty highly.
I'm pretty pleased with my choice in all, here's a quick snap of me wearing it, but I'm pretty sleepy and I'd been up early and shopping all day, so excuse my tired face! 

Price: 5/5 (gift vouchers!)
Packaging: 2/5
Colour: 5/5
Texture: 5/5
Would I buy this product again?: I think I will definitely explore other Dior lipsticks form now on, yes!

What do you think of this colour? Have you bought any Dior lip products? Let me know! I hope you're all having a lovely Easter Sunday!