Monday, February 06, 2012

one non-blonde

I don't normally do recipe posts on my blog but I made these last week and my family declared them an overwhelming success, so I thought I would share these! These are by Rachel Allen, and I found the recipe by chance on the Good Food website, and they're SO easy to make. The link above will take you to the website - but I do recommend chucking in an extra egg, because it was a bit of a thick mixture. I also used dark chocolate, because I find white chocolate a bit sickly, but that's just me!
They were really lovely when hot with a bit of ice-cream or cold as a cheeky snack at lunchtime.
(Props for obscure references to songs in my blog-title? Just me? Haha..)


  1. mmm, now you are making me hungry!

    I would do the same as you have and use dark chocolate. I'm not such a white chocolate fan either :/

  2. aww snap those look delicious.


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