Sunday, January 08, 2012

what's in my bag!

I was trying to think if I've ever done one of these posts, and I don't think I have. It's weird, because they're one of my favourites to read! I was trying to clear out unwanted crap from my little satchel, because I've started carrying round junk with me again, and I thought I would do a little post.

1. My lovely yellow bag. I've posted about the bag before, but I definitely love it. I'm using the old one at the moment, I left my new one at uni!

2. Everything I lug around with me - yes I can fit that all in my little bag!
Moleskine weekly plannerChroma by Derek Jarman (my current read!), iPhone 4, iPod classic (sans headphones!), MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder, a hair-tie, my keys, my glasses, two pairs of earrings,  my lovely purse, Chanel Gold Fiction and Mimosa, Illamasqua Corrupt lipstick, MAC Ladybug lipstick, Crabtree and Evelyn lipbalm (the best thing ever!), my penknife (Christmas present!), Burt's Bees Hand Repair Cream.

3. I'm loving my new planner. I'm trying to keep a hold on my spending this year, so I'm collecting all receipts and making a note of how much money I've spent in a week because I spend so easily. Also, note I did none of those things on Thursday! haha.

4. A quick snap inside my purse. It took me ages to find the perfect purse, but I found it. I know it's a little dull from the outside, but its the perfect size, good quality and real leather, has enough card slots and money pockets. I have about a million loyalty cards and things, but I hide them away, haha.

Have you done something similar on your blog? Please show me, I love being a bit nosy!


  1. I love that you have 2 nail polishes in your bag! I also thought you were 'Sleeping with Gemma' at 12pm on the 3rd, oops! xx

  2. haha i don't even remember why they're in there! i think they were for a car-journey incase i got bored! haha. and yes, my handwriting is atrocious! xx

  3. Haha loving the pen knife!

    The berts bees hand cream in one of my faves!

    great post hun.

    My fashion/beauty blog.


  4. love your bag :)also trying to be more organised and have a diary/planner this year, so far so good!! xx

    1. I'm surprised, I've been really good at keeping organised with my diary! I have an internship in February and I feel it will be essential then! xx


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