Thursday, January 05, 2012

privatising world peace

The other day I was showing my mum different examples of nail art - and I was showing her the amazing blog Nailside.. (If you're not aware of her blog, by the way.. you are sorely missing out! Go look, learn, love..It's amazing.) I really wanted to try doing a V-Gap. Sadly, I am nowhere near as talented - and I only did the one accent nail..

China Glaze, Ruby Pumps, £5.99
I was going for this blue and gold thing, only with my lovely new Ruby Pumps nail polish and a gold accent. I think I did it a little too high up, so I might try doing this with it, and making it like a sort of harlequin, or adding a stripe.. who knows! In it's current state though, I feel it all looks a bit Ironman-ish, haha. Maybe I need to do other superhero nail art..
On the other hand, I tried a fun glitter polish a friend bought me for Christmas, I loved this, but it was a bit too much glitz for my liking!

Anyway, Ruby Pumps may be one of my new favourite nail-polishes on my hunt for the perfect red. It is nowhere near.. but a fun purchase.

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