Friday, January 13, 2012

oh comely


I want to talk to you about my new favourite magazine, Oh Comely. If I am honest, I did not think I would like this magazine. I thought it would be a very contrived effort to cash in on that whole hipstery-nature-lover-art-student kind of thing. It's not. Or it doesn't seem like that, anyway! It's got a really lovely mixture of articles, short stories, the odd fashion article, things to make yourself, letters, interviews.. It's not jampacked of adverts, theres not a whiff of paparazzi photos, and it's all very beautiful. I mean, they print photos of teacups and vintage covers of Wuthering Heights and cameras.. how could I not love it? It is £4, but I think it's a £4 well spent! 
I'm off to get a filling now, wish me luck. ):


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