Friday, January 20, 2012

forgive us now for what we've done

I'm feeling sorry for myself today - I had to go to the dentists yesterday and I got some nasty injections that have left my jaw all bruised so I'm sitting around the house today feeling a bit lame and eating chocolate brownies. And I've been looking at bits of jewellery that I want.. 
I really love the hamsa symbol for some reason, I'm not sure why. I came across Little Nell recently and I love her jewellery, but this caught my eye. I do have a keyring very similar to this though, I'm tempted to try and make it into a necklace!

Ever since I came across Unearthen's crystal necklaces -  I have wanted one. However, I can't quite justify shelling out upto £200 on one their beautiful necklaces. Fashionology do these which are pretty beautiful, and as close as I can find that don't cost the earth! 

I'm not really sure why these are referred to as 'cross drops'.. they're ankhs? Anyway, it's another symbol that I really love, I already have an ankh charm bracelet. This is what I'm most tempted by today, as they don't cost the earth and will cheer me up..

What's caught your eye recently? 


  1. I Have wanted a Hamsa Hand necklace/Bracelet for aggeees! Saw one on Ebay for just £3.65!

    Great post sweetie.

    My Fashion/Beauty Blog


    1. ooh, i never thought to look on ebay! thanks! x

  2. Only just seen this, thanks for the Little Nell mention :o)

    Penny x


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