Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry, merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas..

Oh my God. I suppose that is what you do at Christmas, but oh my God, I feel like I have never eaten so much in my life. I have also been drinking since lunchtime and I don't think that is too good either, haha. Me and the family have had a lovely day, watching DVD's and other things. 

Our christmas tree and some decorations - my mum makes these beautiful handmade quilts and most of the decorations in the house have been handmade by my mum.. so it feels really lovely at home right now.

Food. So much food. I made lots of gingerbread and mince pies and sausage rolls and banana cake and so much other food! My brother also made a lot of eggnogg.. and I must admit, I am quite partial to it. It tastes a bit like a White Russian drink, if you've ever tried one. It sounds really foul, but it's so good! And my mums Christmas pudding all lit up.. I don't like Christmas pudding, but I like watching it all lit up!

Below the jump are some of my favourite gifts.. Just because I'm really excited over them! Plus I love seeing what other people get.. 
Possibly the best Christmas present you will ever receive..

My mum was buying some lego for a friend of a friend this Christmas, and I was obsessed with all the awesome Lego you can buy these days. Like a Lego Hogwarts! And I was just reminiscing over the days when you'd have things to put together and play with on Christmas day.. also I have a great love of TV shows in the Road Wars/Cop Squad formats... this was so much fun! 

Some lovely boots from Next - this is what I asked for, so I didn't really expect the rest of the things that I got! A beautiful faux fur stole/scarf thing, and some super soft earmuffs, also a gorgeous red pashmina -type scarf, because I ruined my old one in the wash. ):

So many DVD's! I'd sort of asked for Planet Earth/Frozen Planet/Life - I kind of wanted something to relax with at uni! My brother surprised me with 30 Rock - which I adore! And have watched the first season of online.. I am going to save this for being back at uni, I think.. Also I have a deep love of Hitchcock films, so this was another awesome surprise. Then we come to.. The Snowman. I have to watch the Snowman every year, or I feel really sad and weird and un-Christmassy. And last year I missed it on TV and got really upset.. so my mum got it me on DVD to stop me getting upset!

I tried not to ask for too many beauty-products this year, because I have sooo many, and I don't need  more. I got a few little surprises though - Chanel nailvarnish in Vendetta (a lovely deep purple!), Burts Bee's set from my other brother, and some Kerastase shampoo and conditioner that my hairdresser told my mum to get for me! haha.

I also got some other ingenious things, a spice-rack for my house at university, a book of knitting patterns, a Moleskine planner/diary, so much chocolate.. a hugee bag of Waitrose food goodies for me to take back to uni after Christmas.. and then I spent a lovely day with the family! It's only just after midnight but I am absolutely exhausted. I think I'm going to put my jammies on, stick Vertigo on and look at sales online! 

Hope you all had an absolutely lovely Christmas! Now to push on through until New Year! 

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